currently available

 'Retrobot' cart -16"x 52"x 33" high- steel with pigment and clear coat. Drive mechanism rotates
upper platform when rolling. 2200.

'Slippery helm' cart -24"x 42"x 32"high- steel with patina and clear coat, entirely hand built except for the small caster beneath the fender/ hood -sold

'Convoluti' totem -a collaboration with ceramist Miriam Morris. 26"x 36"x 120"high- steel with       natural patina, uncoated. Unsuitable for salt air environments 7000. ~Sold

'Swelegant' console -13"x 48"x 32"high- steel with patina, pigment and clear coat -sold

Tripod style 'Cloud table' 16"x 30"x 24" high steel with patina, pigment and clear coat

'Twice pierced' corner table 28" triangular top, 24" height, pigment and clear coat -sold

'Crescent' Style Gate,  40"opening, 52" high over all frame height, made to order. Including site specific hardware, with gravity latch and a range. Steel with patina and clear coat. A full range
of finishes / materials available 1500. ~inquire regarding site specific commissions

'Solana' style security door, made to order. Includes site specific hardware. Lockset separate. A full range of finishes /materials available. 2200. ~inquire regarding site specific commissions

'Dance lesson' gate. Built for 40" opening. 56" high frame. Steel with patina and clear coat, gravity latch. 1500. ~Sold

'Shipwrecked' bedframe, a California king size frame. Shown here with compact display rails at the
sides. A subtly colorful and contrast rich patina adds drama to this piece. 4500.

'Salmon Mother dreaming', a small sculpture which practically made itself. I am just a tool with Spirit moving through me a good percentage of the time. 900. for this one.